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Exhibits & Collections

MMHS member Tony Mulone has been detecting artifacts around historic buildings in the Mills for several  years, surveying the exterior of such sites as the Library, Liberty Hall, Community Church, Isaac Crocker Farm,  Luther Hamblin House, and the Burgess House. Click on photo for a slideshow of some of the artifacts he has unearthed.  Learn more about Tony 

MML display 1.jpg

In 2020, the Society  purchased 120 glass negative slides of Marstons Mills from auction to add to its archives.   They were taken between 1905 and 1915 by a local photographer.  The slides were subsequently made into photographic positives for all to appreciate.  The positive below is of Captain Oliver Crocker in a sleigh. Click on photo to see more photos.

captain oliver crocker in sleigh.jpg

Society Member Larry Dick has contributed a fine collection of documents related to the Barnstable County Fair, particularly from the years when the Fair was held in the Mills. Larry’s parents were co-presidents of the Fair in the past.  Items include color posters announcing the Fair from nearly every year of its operation in the Mills, bumper stickers, small items advertising the Fair, and photographs of Fair events. Click on photo for slideshow of posters.

fair exhibit at sturgis.jpg
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