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Map of the factory and mill  sites in Marstons Mills

By Jim Gould



The history of the six  "mills" in what is known today as the village of Marstons Mills is rich with information about the early years of manufacturing of different kinds in America; the sites described  are reflections of similar industries elsewhere and form a useful account for the naming of the village in spite of the fact that the physical evidence of these businesses is virtually non-existent.

Navigate through the Old Mills menu above for detailed information on each site,


An interested person, however, may take a walking and driving tour to see where the businesses were located in the past. Important and historic surnames of key people are bolded for ease of reference below. The itinerary for those wishing to walk or drive to the sites proceeds, in general, from south to north, select  Mills Site Brochure for a site map and descriptives or download below..

Mill Sites Brochure
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