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Historic Properties registered with the
Massachusetts Historical Commission

Historic properties in Massachusetts  enhance the quality of our lives; they help to establish our sense of place and to define the very character of our communities. To meet the challenge of preserving this important heritage, the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) was established by the legislature in 1963 to identify, evaluate, and protect important historical and archaeological assets of the Commonwealth.


MMHS started inventorying the historic structures in the Village back in the 1980's.  The inventory now includes over 170 structures and properties built through the 1950's.

An example of a completed revised inventory for one of these—the well-known William Marston house located on Route 149 on the pond near the corner of Route 28—can be seen HERE to show the kind of information that is required for inclusion by the Massachusetts Commission

Here is a sampling of the Village's Oldest Structures.

Oldest Historic Properties

goodspeed house.jpg

The oldest house in the village dating from 1653 by its first settler Roger Goodspeed

Merrill Estate.jpg

Built in 1765, Ansel Adams, an ancestor of Marguerite Adams  bought this home from Samuel Hinckley in 1790.

isaac crocker farm.jpg

Built in 1750 by father & son. It stayed in the Crocker family over 100 years. Very well preserved

shubael hamlin.jpg

It is possible the homestead was built soon after 1761 near the pond that now bears Shubael's name.

Hinckley homestead.jpg

The land & house have been in the family since Samual Hinckley received a grant 1639-1662.

isaac crocker farm.jpg

Isaac Crocker, a carpenter, probably built the house by Round Pond c. 1775

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